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At the Scalp and Face Clinic we use two methods:

Single Needle technique – In this method pigment is deposited via needle into Dermis (layer of the skin). Our special techniques – developed for medical and beauty purposes – enable us to create the desired individual look for our clients.

The Hair Follicle Stimulation (HFS) Roller – Suitable for both men and women. The revolutionary patented roller penetrates pigment into the scalp to create the illusion of short hair. The results are very natural, realistic and long-lasting. Ideal for bigger areas of the scalp, after your treatment any areas of baldness will disappear and a new hairline appear, covered with the illusion of hair follicles.

What can Scalp Micropigmentation do for you?

It will:



  • Make you look like you have your own hair again
  • Create the appearance of fuller and thicker hairan
  • Give you a youthful, modern and fresh appearance
  • Camouflage the symptoms of alopecia, stress and ageing
  • Hide scars, birthmarks and burns Improve your self-confidence
  • This treatment is non-surgical, immediate, scar and drug-free.
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Full range of colors available.

Visit us and change your look permanently.


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