If you want to appear more youthful-looking – without appearing like you’ve had work done – then chances are Sculptra may be a good choice for you.

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Sculptra contains Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) which helps gradually replace lost collagen – the most common protein in the body that is used to form a framework to support cells and tissue – for results that can last up to 2 years! It successfully restores shallow to deep nasolabial fold contour deficiencies, fine lines and wrinkles.

Sculptra is the first and original PLLA collagen stimulator that, when injected, reduces wrinkles, firms the skin and improves skin quality. It has been clinically proven.

aesPlla Product is a PLLA filler and collagen stimulator. Biocompatible and biodegradable. Stimulates collagen production to help volumise and smooth. Offers gradual results over time. Lasting up to 3 years. It is ideal for patients aged 30+.


  • The treated area should not be exposed to excessive sun, direct heat exposure (sauna, sun, etc.) or extreme cold.
  • Vigorous exercise, heavy lifting and straining should be avoided for approx. 4 to 5 days.
  • Application of cosmetics to the treated area should be avoided for at least 12 hours.
  • Intake of anti-inflammatory drugs (Ibuprofen etc.) should be avoided.
  • Adherence to nutritional protocol.
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages for 24 hours following treatment.
  • Please wait 2 weeks before any other aesthetic treatments.
  • Cold packs may be applied to areas of swelling after injections. Using a suitable cloth to avoid direct contact with the skin.

Within the first couple of days after the treatment:

  • Massage the treated area for 5 minutes, 5 times a day for the first 5 days.
  • Bruising might develop within the treated area.
    Itching and burning sensations as well as a feeling of pressure and minor aches and pains may occur, as well as swelling of the treated area.
  • Compression garments such as “Spanx” may be of assistance post-operatively.
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